DecoFlame Combining style and modernism, our magnificent bio-ethanol fireplaces are an affordable alternative that will ally atmosphere, design, and ecology.

Get a decorative bio-ethanol fireplace with environmental warmth, perfect for restrained or large spaces such as apartments and condos, townhouse or at the office.

These contemporary bio-ethanol models are made with stainless steel and will add amazing relaxation and warmth to your room


C$1,550.00 Regular Price
C$700.00Sale Price
  • Fuel is not included with the fireplace. It has to be purchased separately.

    Ethanol fuel burns cleanly and does not produce the soot, smoke, or mess that is normally associated with a wood-burning fireplace. This ethanol fireplace fuel is made from 100% alcohol without the use of any oil at all.

    Ethanol is produced from renewable agriculture products, like barley, grains, sunflowers, corn, wheat, and potatoes, and manufactured in an earth-friendly process that does not harm the environment.