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Freestanding Stoves

Don't have the budget, space, or time for an enclosure and finishing materials?

Looking for something stylish and different?

Consider a Freestanding Stove... A great space saving option in either Natural Gas or Wood.

Natural Gas & Propane 

Modern White with Driftwood no pipe (2).jpg

Pictured here: Valor Madrona Modern*

Ashford 30 - Black.jpg

Pictured here: Blaze King Ashford freestanding wood stove*

Wood Burning

Chimney systems provided by the following:

Consider a pre-fab Hearth Pad provided by:

Eco Efficiency Energy Systems does not provide WETT certifications* on any WOOD fireplace installations. Eco Efficiency  Energy Systems is a fully licensed and certified installer of all WOOD & GAS products; proof of said insurance can be requested at anytime by the customer. Should a WETT certification* be required by the customer, this must be obtained by a third party. Eco Efficiency Energy Systems is not liable nor responsible to provide this at the time or after installation.

Complete your dream home.
Start a fireplace project with us.

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