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When an old masonry opening no longer suits your taste and needs an update. Or maybe the chimney requires repair and is no longer suitable to burn wood...Then an insert is what you need

Do you have an area in the home that could do with feature? Looking to renovate and create a space that was once un-used and outdated? Try a zero clearance unit... different styles, makes, and models; endless possibilities.

Smaller living spaces can be transformed with the timeless warmth, beauty and efficiency of a freestanding stove. Whether it's Gas or Wood burning, a freestanding unit is worth the consideration.

Want a quick fix without all the renovation dust? A feature in a room that "can't take the heat"? Electric units are a great way to make a statement in any space indoor and outdoor.

Whether you service your fireplace yourself, or need a hand; we have technicians and materials to provide you with what you need. We carry most common parts that see the most wear and tear, with a long list of top manufacturers we carry we can help you keep you fireplace unit running and looking like new.

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Hearthstone Stoves
Faber Stone & Tile
Heat & Glo
Astria fireplaces
Savannah Fireplaces
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Osburn wood fireplaces
Jotul norewegian hearth manufacturer
Impex Stone
BC Brick Supplies Ltd
Mendota Premium Hearth
RH Peterson
Blaze King Wood stoves
Valcourt wood fireplace manufacturer
Erthcoverings natural stone

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